Sandberg Excellence AC 4.8A 2xUSB EU+UK+US – Hardware Review
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Sandberg Excellence AC 4.8A 2xUSB EU+UK+US – Hardware Review

Good: Design, Easy to use
Bad: Not that easy to switch different wall plug heads
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Over the last few months Sandberg has presented us with many fun gaming related items to thicken our portfolio of reviews. So far we haven’t had a bad impression with their products yet, but with the coming travel season at our doorstep, we wanted to take a look at one of Sandberg’s other product lines and present our readers with something useful to take with them on their holiday(s). This time we’re taking a look at the world travel adapter (AC 4.8A 2xUSB EU+UK+US) of their Excellence line. This adapter with two USB ports and different power plugs proved to be a fun change of pace for us.


In terms of design you’re treated to a fairly standard looking adapter, with the Sandberg brand name on the side of the device. Other than that, there’s a thin blue lining which indicates where the different wall plug heads can be attached/removed. Other than the blue led that indicates when something is charging/plugged in, there are no real notable features.


Obviously a travel adapter does not come with too many comfort features, safe for the fact that it has two USB ports and different wall plugs allowing you to use the adapter in most European countries, the UK and the United States. Perhaps the only thing is that it’s quite ‘stiff’ to change the different wall plugs. Other than that, there aren’t any noteworthy features in this department.


  • Input 230V AC
    • Output 5V DC, 2 x 2.4A
    •             Output sockets 2 x standard USB A female socket
    •             Changeable wall plug EU + UK + US


Just like the rest of this review, the overview section will be fairly short. You simply have a wall adapter, with two USB ports, which allows for simultaneous charging of two devices. You’ll notice that it’s easy to use, and that the charging isn’t that much slower than that of an original adapter, meaning the output is fairly decent.

As this is a travel adapter, you’ll have different wall plugs you can mount to the body of the adapter. You’ll notice that the first few times it’s hard to remove a wall plug head, as it’s locked very tightly into place. Nonetheless, after a few tries, you’ll get the hang of it, and stop fearing you’ll break the device in half. Then again, it’s good that the plug stays in place so good, as it would otherwise be a bit dangerous to properly operate the device.


Sandberg’s Excellence AC 4.8A 2xUSB EU+UK+US world travel adapter is a great solution if you’re travelling abroad and you need more than one USB charger. You can have three different wall plugs on the go, which makes it quite easy when travelling abroad. While the charging speed isn’t always as fast as your original charger, it still does the job and quite efficiently as well. For a fair price, you’ll have a useful companion for your travel adventures, one that works perfectly.

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Sandberg Excellence AC 4.8A 2xUSB EU+UK+US - Hardware Review, 7.0 out of 10 based on 4 ratings

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