Sandberg Popfilter for Microphone – Hardware Review
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Sandberg Popfilter for Microphone – Hardware Review

Good: Sturdy, Looks good
Bad: A bit heavy for lighter microphones
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Not that long ago Sandberg once again stepped into unknown territory for the eSports line with the release of their microphone, which was a solid and qualitative piece of hardware. Nonetheless, even though many streamers or podcasters prefer a standalone microphone, they often use a popfilter in combination with their microphone of choice. This is something Sandberg kept in mind as the popfilter was already announced on the website, even before the release of the actual microphone. Whilst we did not have that many popping issues with the mic itself, we were wondering if the popfilter is a useful attribute to our streaming setup. This review might be a tad shorter than our usual hardware reviews, but a popfilter only has that much to offer when it comes to review material.


The popfilter certainly looks the part, with the strong bendable arm, the Sandberg brand name prominently featured and the matte black color it comes in. The device was clearly designed to be used in combination with the Studio Pro Microphone USB, as the attachable part is properly designed for the latter’s tripod. Nonetheless, you can also attach it to other microphones with similar tripods, or even other accessories on your desk. That being said, the popfilter is quite heavy, so a very light and cheap microphone might not remain stable under its weight. We had no problems attaching or detaching the add-on thanks to the simple screwing mechanism to make sure the popfilter stays in place.

While initially we didn’t have that many popping sounds when using the Studio Pro Microphone USB, it was a clear difference when using the popfilter, reducing the sharpness of some sounds, making it a more pleasant experience. Sadly, we lack the silky smooth voice to entertain you with the difference, so you’ll have to take our word on it. Practically speaking, it doesn’t take up that much more room than your microphone without the popfilter, and once you’re good to go, the arm remains in place in a sturdy fashion. You’ll need to apply a decent amount of pressure in order to bend the arm, making sure it’s not a flimsy addition that bends whenever you accidently touch it.


Sandberg’s Popfilter for Microphone is a sturdy add-on for your microphone, but be sure to check if your microphone has a sturdy tripod to which a popfilter can be attached. If you own Sandberg’s Studio Pro Microphone USB you’ll be sailing smoothly the moment you attach the popfilter to your mic. Overall the sturdiness of the arm, the nifty design and the qualitative filter make for a great addition to your streaming setup.

Sandberg Popfilter

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Rating: 9.5/10 (2 votes cast)
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Sandberg Popfilter for Microphone - Hardware Review, 9.5 out of 10 based on 2 ratings

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