Sandberg Savage Headset 7.1 – Hardware Review
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Developer: Sandberg
Publisher: Sandberg
Platform: PC

Sandberg Savage Headset 7.1 – Hardware Review

Good: Price, Comfort, Sturdy but light
Bad: The lack of a proper headband will scare off potential buyers
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We’ve had the chance to try out a lot of Sandberg’s inventory over the years. While we tried out a few of their normal products, we mainly focused on their eSports equipment, where Sandberg is constantly expanding their assortment. Around three years ago the company just nipped their toes in the water of the gaming community, and now the company has a variety of gaming peripherals, ranging from different classes of headsets, mice, keyboards, gaming seats and so on. This time we’re trying out Sandberg’s budget-priced Savage Headset that supports 7.1 surround sound. While we weren’t convinced by the design on the pictures, everything else immediately won us over when trying out the device.




As we just mentioned, we weren’t all too sure about the device’s design when looking at the initial pictures. Nonetheless, when unboxing the real deal, things look a lot better and a lot less cheap. The headset doesn’t have a traditional design as it lacks a headband. You’ll have the headset’s frame, which looks sturdy, and two extensions with padding that will rest on your head, replacing the missing headband. Things might look a bit cheaper than other brands, but we can assure you that the materials used are decent.

The earpieces have thick leathery padding and they are somewhat bigger than on traditional headsets, as Sandberg opted for an over-ear design, which improves the comfort factor for many users. On the exterior of the ear pads, you’ll see the Sandberg brand name and logo on each side, and you’ll also have a circular led around said brand name and logo. The LED can be turned on or off, depending on if you need a bit of extra bling or not. The LED light will contain several different colors, which alternate constantly, creating a nice flow of different colors. The left ear pad also had the microphone embedded into the design, but instead of using a small rotation point, the headset moves with a circular dial that’s neatly incorporated in the design of the ear pad

Other noticeable details are the thick braided USB cable and the somewhat bulkier control box that’s embedded in the cable. The functions are clearly indicated on the box and that’s certainly a plus.


We were somewhat afraid that without the headband the Savage Headset would be quite uncomfortable. Less is true, as this device feels very light and the two prodded pieces of padding rest lightly on top of your head. If you shake your head you notice that the headset will move slightly, but when using it in a normal way, the headset will stay in its place. With the over-ear design, the device will not grasp your head as firmly as when your ears are being squished by other headsets. Overall the comfort factor of this new headset is quite impressive.

The circular dial of the microphone will feel a bit stiff when not rotating it with a proper grip, but after a while, you’ll get used to it, and it makes the entire package feel a lot sturdier than when you have a simple rotating arm.


  • Multi-color LED lights
  • 4 meters nylon braided cable
  • 50 mm Drivers
  • Inline control box


Sandberg’s Savage Headset 7.1 is a simple plug and play device. This means that you’ll simply have to connect it to your PC and you’re good to go in a matter of seconds. The device does not need any additional software to be used or has no program to tweak certain settings. Overall things are kept simple which isn’t a bad trait.

You’ll be treated to proper 7.1 surround sound, which is becoming a standard in the gaming industry, but often comes at a premium price. This headset will only set you back half the amount of many other brands on the market. This device also has the standard of 50 mm drivers, meaning it can easily compete with other headsets on the market. (Even though you won’t notice that much difference when purchasing a headset with 40 mm drivers.)

The control box handles the main features of the headset, such as volume controls, a mute function for the microphone and an activation button for the LED lights inside the ear pads. The latter isn’t really an important function, but it’s there nonetheless. It would have been nice if we could also regulate the microphone volume and perhaps the bass settings of the microphone. The device has a moderate deep bass, which is nice when listening to music or when playing cinematic games, but there are occasions when less bass is required. We think Sandberg chose a proper median when developing their device and for the price of this headset we can’t argue with their decision.


Sandberg’s Savage Headset 7.1 might just be their best headset. While we might still prefer a headband at times, the device is extremely comfortable, has all the basic functions and you’ll be able to enjoy 7.1 surround sound for half the price than other premium brands on the market. While Sandberg might not be known in many countries, especially in the gaming industry, this brand knows how to play the game and they’re getting better and better at it. If you have a lower budget and you’re looking for a great gaming headset, we recommend checking out the Savage Headset 7.1.

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Rating: 8.5/10 (4 votes cast)
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Sandberg Savage Headset 7.1 - Hardware Review, 8.5 out of 10 based on 4 ratings

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