Sandberg Streamer USB Webcam Pro – Hardware Review
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Developer: Sandberg
Publisher: Sandberg
Platform: PC

Sandberg Streamer USB Webcam Pro – Hardware Review

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While Sandberg isn’t always elegant in naming their products, as it’s often just a small rundown of the actual specs of the device, they offer a lot of nice products. We have been mainly looking at the eSports products, which do sometimes have a few badass names, we have also taken a look at some more office-related products, or even some general everyday items. Last time we tried out a fancy 1080P HD webcam, which was clearly more designed for office usage, or even as a great home device when Skyping your loved ones. Now, we dive back into the gaming line of Sandberg’s portfolio and take a look at the Streamer USB Webcam Pro. This device immediately called out to us with its fancy appearance.




Sandberg’s newest streamer device looks very attractive. Upon opening the snug-fit box, we were greeted by a small webcam, with the very recognizable base of their other webcams. The device itself has a rounded shape when viewed from the front, and the white circular ring around the lens stands out. This is actually a proper light, which we will highlight a bit later in the review. The overall design is very impressive, and even in a non-streaming environment, the webcam looks very good.


Just like the USB Webcam 1080P HD, the Streamer version also comes with an adjustable base that can be used on flat surfaces but can also be clipped-on to your monitor. This allows the device to be used easily on different surfaces, but you can also reposition it easily, or just bring it along if you’re streaming from a different set-up. It’s a fairly simple system but it works.

The base also has a screw hole, which you can then use if you wish to attach the device to a tripod if you’re aiming for a more professional set-up. While again, this is a tiny gesture, it makes a world of difference for those looking for a proper professional streaming device.

While this is basically one of the webcam’s selling points for streamers, and can also be considered a function, we decided to also place this in the comfort section. The white circle around the lens, is actually a proper built-in ring light, that is controlled with a touch button right underneath the device’s lens. When softly touching the button, you can turn the light on, once more makes it brighter, then the brightest, and then it gets turned off again. This light is actually quite bright and makes your face a lot more visible when streaming. Even on the brightest setting, you will not really feel any inconvenience from having the light turned on, as, even though it is very bright, it will not really blind you. This has to do with the shape of the light, and how it basically radiates.


  • USB 2.0 interface
  • Cable length: 2 metres
  • 5 layer glass lens
  • Full HD 1080p (1920 x 1080 pixels) at 30fps
  • 264 compression Technology (1080p/30fps & 720p/60fps)
  • 80° viewing angle
  • Optical resolution: 2 megapixels
  • Autofocus & auto light correction
  • Built-in Omni-directional stereo microphones
  • Built-in ring light adjustable in 3 steps by touch
  • LED indicator


Sandberg’s newest streaming device is just a plug and play device that will be recognized immediately. You will not need any additional drivers and you’re good to go from the moment you plug it in. Nearly all programs that have video options will immediately recognize it, but it’s possible that you still need to select it as the program’s standard device. You can of course still opt for a standalone microphone, or a headset for your voice recording options. This is often also just a separate option you have to choose in the settings of your program or platform of choice.

The image quality is very crisp when it comes to the Streamer USB Webcam Pro. You’ll have a very clear image when broadcasting, but as we mentioned in the previous webcam review, it also depends heavily on the quality of your internet connection. If you have a low data upload, things will of course not look as good as you want them to.

We noticed that the sound quality isn’t perfect for this device, as it sounds a bit hollow for the receiving end. It sometimes feels like you’re in an empty hallway, albeit without the actual echo that often comes with that. We still advise on using a proper desk microphone when you’re aiming to stream professionally, or perhaps a nice headset which you can show off.


Sandberg’s Streamer USB Webcam Pro is a great device for streamers, be it starting ones, or those with more experience under their belt. The image quality is top-notch, and the built-in ring light is actually a very amazing and impressive function to have in such a small device. While the audio options are often still better with a proper desk microphone, such as Sandberg’s Streamer USB Desk Microphone, the overall quality is quite alright. Nonetheless, the combo mentioned here will give you a fully professional set-up that will improve the quality of your broadcasting channel, or recorded videos.

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Rating: 9.3/10 (4 votes cast)
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Sandberg Streamer USB Webcam Pro - Hardware Review, 9.3 out of 10 based on 4 ratings

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