Sandberg Twister Headset – Hardware Review
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Developer: Sandberg
Publisher: Sandberg
Platform: PC

Sandberg Twister Headset – Hardware Review

Good: Price, Sturdy, Performance
Bad: Needs jack(s) plus USB to have full functionality
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After the review of Sandberg’s Cyclone Headset the time has finally come for us to take a look at the youngest brother of the family, namely the Twister Headset, which is Sandberg’s lowest priced item on their headset roster. We were already amazed by the quality the Cyclone had to offer, thus we were wondering if this one would finally bite the dust, and collapse into a cheap heap of plastic. Once again we were very wrong, even though it was clear that this item was slightly more budget in terms of extra whistles and bells, we were pleasantly surprised.



When unpacking the device we were greeted by a very standard, plastic headset, with some nice blue color tones spread across the device. While the device is made in solid plastic, we never truly felt like we were looking at a budget priced device. The headset itself doesn’t have that many special details, safe for a very nice gridded design on the sides of both ear cups, with the Sandberg logo right in the middle, which lights up when the headset is connected to your PC via USB. Other than that, this headset has a small glossy silver detail on each of the ear cups, but unlike its slightly more expensive counterpart, this one uses plastic to implement the silver color tone.

We only have a small remark about the foldable microphone, which will ‘disappear’ in your left ear piece. Sadly, it isn’t completely out of sight, like it was with the Derecho, which results in making it a bit less streamlined.


If we have to be completely honest, the Twister is probably even more comfortable than the Cyclone, thanks to its ample padding in both the headband and the ear cups. The ear cups are also slightly bigger in height, which means they won’t really squish your ears, which is certainly a plus when going through somewhat lengthier gaming sessions.

You’ll be happy to hear that the device itself is very light and doesn’t grip your head too tightly, which adds another layer of comfort. While the degree of size adjustment isn’t that big on this one, it should still please most gamers and is certainly big enough for every type of gamer.

As the device is made solely out of plastic, safe for the cushions in the headband and on the ear pieces, this device is easy to clean. The only thing that might be a bit harder to clean is the exterior of both ear cups, which have a gridded design for the led lighting. Other than that, this headset is lovely to work with.

Sandberg Twister Headset


  • 40 mm drivers
  • LED lighting
  • 1 meters cable


There are a few different ways of using the Twister, namely if you just want to listen to music, you can just insert the standard 3.5 mm jack in your computer, or other device and you’ll be blasting tunes through the ear cups in a matter of minutes. If you want to use the microphone capabilities, you’ll have to insert the 3.5 mm jack in the short splitter that comes with the device, that splits up your cable into two 3.5 mm jacks, one for  your audio capabilities, the other to use your microphone, thus pretty standard stuff. If you wish to use the LED lights, which you sadly can’t see yourself, you’ll also have to plug in the USB part of the cable, which will just light up your headset, making it look spiffy. The headset also comes with no additional software, thus saving you the hassle of having to install something.

Just like the Cyclone, the Twister will treat you to the basic options via the small control box that is embedded in the cable. You’ll be able to easily regulate the volume, as well as mute your microphone if necessary. No other options are provided, and truth be told, you won’t really need anything special outside of those two options.

Perhaps the most surprising part about this device was the sound quality, as it easily rivals that of its somewhat more expensive brother. Again you’ll be treated to crisp and clear sound, while you’ll also be able to enjoy a rather hefty bass in the process. The microphone picks up sound a bit better than the Cyclone, as it is a bit longer, thus closer to your mouth.


Even though the solid plastic look of the Twister Headset might look like a bad sign when considering this option as your next headset, you’ll be wowed when the LED lights are on, the sound starts blasting through the ear cups and the overall performance proves to be top notch. If you have a lower budget to work with, but you desperately want some good gaming gear, the Twister will not disappoint. If you’re thinking of purchasing a complete set up, the Twister is also a good option, as it leaves more money for you to get a matching keyboard and mouse.

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Sandberg Twister Headset – Hardware Review, 9.8 out of 10 based on 8 ratings

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