Sandberg Warrior Gaming Chair – Hardware Review
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Sandberg Warrior Gaming Chair – Hardware Review

Good: Back support, Great appearance, Comfortable, Reasonable price
Bad: Almost no neck support
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While we’re not quite ready to turn our site into a furniture review site, we do want to stress the importance of a proper posture when gaming for longer periods of time. Of course, we all sin now and then by lurking too close to the monitor or TV, or having a hunched back when getting into the game too much and so on. Thanks to Sandberg we’re able to work on how to sit properly when gaming, thanks to their Warrior Gaming Chair, which they were so nice to allow us the chance to test. Well, we are bringing you this review from a rather comfortable position.



At first glance the Warrior Gaming Chair is very reminiscent to other gaming chairs on the market , thanks to its flashy colors and the usage of leather(y) fabric and normal fabric in the middle of the seat, as the other material isn’t all that good for sweat absorption. Sandberg’s chair is a fairly bright red, with black in the middle. The black is done in a normal fabric, while the back of the chair is also done in black, but in the same leathery fabric as the red parts of the seat.

Other than the flashy red color, the gaming chair doesn’t have that many whistles and bells, safe for the Sandberg logo, and the mention that it’s part of their e-sports lineup, which they have been expanding rather quickly as of late. We love the chair in all its simplicity with its somewhat badass colors. Like with many gaming chairs, the Warrior is easily comparable to a racing seat in a fancy racing car.


Comfort is probably the most important aspect when buying a chair like this, yet not only should it be comfortable, but also ergonomic and prevent pain from longer gaming sessions. We can already state that Sandberg’s chair passed the tests with flying colors, not only because of the soft padding for your behind, but simply thanks to the shape of the chair, and its other comfortable features, at least after a few loud swears and some moaning to assemble the chair itself. The latter is best done with a sidekick, as some parts are rather tricky to do on your own, as you’ll have to hold several pieces in place, to attach the arm rests to both the back and bottom parts. Nonetheless, the sheet with the instructions proves to be more than straightforward enough for even those with two left hands to understand everything and put the seat together in the proper fashion.

Sandberg Warrior Gaming Chair

For starters, the chair is a bit wider than most normal ‘office chairs’ or even many other gaming seats on the market. While this may be a subtle wink to a somewhat larger audience, both in length and width, it’s simply extremely comfortable that you’re not clamped in between your two arm rests. This widened seat will also give you the impression the chair has more padding and that it comfortablly surrounds your bottom, especially seeing the seat itself is also more than lengthy enough. The latter may be a small problem if you’re on the shorter side, and you don’t own a low desk, thus making it slightly harder for your feet to touch the ground. Of course, there are other solutions for said problem, which are fairly cheap in comparison for an increase in comfort, which helps your body in the long run.

The arm rests are wide enough for you to properly rest your arms on, and also have ample padding with a beautiful black leather finish, detailed with red thread. Even though the seat may be a bit wider, you’ll have no discomfort with the arm rests, or ever feel they are too far apart. Other smaller comfort features are the possibility to tilt your chair in a somewhat ‘relax’ pose, which is always great when you wish to study the ceiling, or have that specific eureka moment. You’ll get the basic functions other than that, all supported by a sturdy five-wheeled base.

Only one minor remark can be made about the Warrior Gaming Chair, namely that it lacks neck support. The more expensive variant has a small pillow attached to the seat at the height of your neck, this one is simply void of any extra neck support. Of course, when you ‘respect’ the back support and sit in a normal upright position, it should already do the trick, but it would not be a proper review if we didn’t nitpick on certain aspects.


We realize that purchasing a gaming seat such as this will take a reasonable amount out of your budget, which could otherwise be spent on more games, accessories or hardware, but we once again wish to stress that comfort and enough support for your back prove to be a lot more important than getting another set of trophies or achievements on your last acquired game. Sandberg shows that they know how to please gamers, not only by their otherwise great hardware, but also when it comes to gaming comfort. While the Warrior Gaming Chair may lack a bit of neck support, it provides ample padding, soft arm rests and more than enough support for your lower back, all for a very reasonable and affordable price. If you’re looking for something that has a lot of neck support, it might be wise to check out Sandberg’s slightly more expensive chair, the Commander Gaming Chair. Nonetheless, the Warrior shows that it can live up to its name, and probably is able to knock out many competitors on the market.

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Sandberg Warrior Gaming Chair - Hardware Review, 10.0 out of 10 based on 6 ratings

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