Sandbox RPG Project Witchstone announced for consoles

Sandbox RPG Project Witchstone announced for consoles

At Gamescom, Spearhead Games has announced the release of their new sandbox RPG Project Witchstone for PC, Xbox One and PS4. The game is currently scheduled to release in Q2 of next year.

Drawing inspiration from classic pen-and-paper games Project Witchstone will be a sandbox RPG that will offer unmatched freedom and the opportunity to roleplay in a vibrant reactive world that will change the experience after each choice you make. In this game, everything you do is considered a choice. For example, when officers are surrounding a villager, deciding to help or not helping will be considered a choice, and it will have an effect on the world, may it be a small or a big one. You can befriend almost anyone, get almost any random person to join you as an ally and make enemies and friends on the whole country. The combat in this game will be turn-based combat, another great addition to this game that will let you take your time to decide what to do.

This game will really let you do whatever you want with it. do you want to rule the country as one of the big bosses of one of the factions, you can. Do you want to create a free world, free of any factions, you can as well. This game will offer a manual save option so you can save at any time, anywhere, allowing you to experience the consequences of multiple decisions you can take before you eventually decide what to do.

Spearhead Games will be showcasing Project Witchstone at PAX West 2019 at booth 6314. Check out the trailer below to have a first look at what Project Witchstone will have to offer.

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