Sapiens hits another Early Access milestone soon

Sapiens hits another Early Access milestone soon

Majic Jungle has announced that the highly-anticipated Multiplayer Update for the prehistoric city builder Sapiens will launch on July 19th, 2024. Players can team up with friends to construct sprawling cities and manage resources collectively. The update allows exploration of vast lands larger than Earth, navigating unique landscapes and climates with your tribe. Sapiens encourages players to forge alliances and reshape their environment. Unite with friends to build anything from towering citadels with fortified bastions to humble grass huts. Explore and learn to mold the world around you, now expanded to a global scale. Manage tribe member roles and experiment with farming, crafting, and woodworking to build your ideal prehistoric civilization.

Key Features:

  • Collaborative Building: Every player has their own tribe in multiplayer. Working together allows for major projects like trading hubs and hospitals that would be difficult to build alone.
  • Global Exploration: The Multiplayer Update expands the map to cover the entire world, allowing for unrestricted global exploration.
  • Complex Interactions: AI-controlled NPC tribes act independently. Proximity to other tribes enables trading and access to new resources. Tribes specialize in rock tools, bread, pottery, or bronze.
  • Meaningful Progress: Other tribes adapt to their surroundings, mining resources and crafting goods for trade. Players can enhance their standing with other tribes for additional trading benefits, but must beware of stealing from neighbors.
  • Expanded Interactions: The larger map includes more Sapiens to interact with, offering new possibilities. Navigation is streamlined, and multiple tribes can be played on one server.
  • Efficient Storage: Sleds and covered sleds have been added, allowing for more efficient transportation of items over long distances. The trading system has been refined for better efficiency.

Sapiens is currently in Early Access and available on Steam.

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