Say hello to the new update in Metaverse Keeper

Say hello to the new update in Metaverse Keeper

Saving the Metaverse an easy task? Think again! We’re sure you’ve had quite an adventure so far, but it isn’t over yet! Sparks Games is still working hard on improving their Early Access game on Steam to make it the most polished dungeon crawler and roguelike experience.

It’s clear what still needs some updating and finetuning. So Sparks Games already started addressing some of the aspects that fans have mentioned, such as more difficulty options and the addition of aim-assist. If you’re excited already about the new upcoming features, you’ll definitely get a chance thanks to a closed beta that is coming soon.

Update’s new features:

  • New difficulty options
  • Optimized resource allocation in the multiplayer mode
  • Enabling or disabling of aim-assist

Other new features in the work:

  • Add multi-directional attacks
  • Decrease cooldown of the Evade abilities
  • Optimize variety of monsters simultaneously present in the same rooms
  • Continuous optimization of resource acquisition and related content in multiplayer
  • Continuous optimization of local and online co-ops

Metaverse Keeper key features: 

  • Bring balance to the Multiverse in this fast-paced dungeon crawler with roguelike elements
  • Explore the Bastion, a dimension-traveling ship which is randomly generated: each playthrough will be different!
  • Face over 100 crazy enemies and 8 bosses who stand in the way between you and the evil Boss
  • Play with friends in local and online coop
  • Choose between 4 different heroes, each with their own special skills
  • Customize your powers and weapons using Chips
  • Find your favorite weapon between the thousands of variations with randomized stats of 7 weapon categories 
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