Sci-Fi Space Western Killsquad coming to Early Access on Steam this July

Sci-Fi Space Western Killsquad coming to Early Access on Steam this July

Following it’s successful showing at E3, Independent developer Novarama is pleased to announce their top-down co-op action RPG, Killsquad. The Steam early access launch for PC will take place on July 16th. Killsquad is set within a futuristic world that combines a space western style with the top down look and feel of a traditional RPG, with fast-paced action.

Killsquad revolves around quick session-oriented missions featuring in-depth loot and class system with procedurally generated levels, ensuring and intense, action-based single and multiplayer experience. Players can select one of four different heroes to play as, each of which with their own capabilities, based on their fully customizable class.

With community at it’s core, Killsquad introduces a live contract system, allowing players to join other players and tag along in an open contract for a share of loot and kudos. Together, they will take down various nefarious enemies and boss characters, while navigating dynamic planets that pose as much of a threat as the enemy inhabitants do.

For more information, be sure to check their official Steam page, here. You can follow them on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or join their Discord server.


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