SCRAP – Review
Follow Genre: Autorunner, adventure, platformer
Developer: Ultimate Games
Publisher: Woodland Games
Platforms: Switch
Tested on: Switch

SCRAP – Review

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Good: Fun graphics and sounds, easy gameplay
Bad: No depth, almost no story
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Auto-runners have been on mobile devices for quite some time now and some of them even try their luck on other devices. SCRAP is one of them for example. This little robot will keep on running on your Nintendo Switch, that is if you’re willing to help him with your reflexes.


As far as the story goes, there isn’t that much to tell. At the beginning of the game, you get the remark that it’s in the distant future, in a high-tech factory. Afterwards, you can see a small robot suddenly waking up and moving around in the building. This is the only info you’ll get, but seeing the type of game and how short the game is, it’s rather logical. Although the game lacks a bit gameplay wise, a bit more story would’ve been nice to make up for it.


Simplistic and sleek, that’s probably how you could define the graphics. You have the fore-and background, with the latter being a bit faded to give depth to the game. Your little robot is rather visible on the foreground and in-between all the debris, boxes, bombs and scrap that’s spread around the factory. The collectible cells and power-ups stand out thanks to their futuristic look and colorful glowing, while the same can be said for some of the traps that are scattered. Bright laser lights, moving saws and armed bombs will make your life a living hell. Most of these hazards are popping on your screen, but some of the bombs might be easily missed though.


A futuristic setting means that the tunes will be in this style and the developers tried their best to add something fun and uptempo and they succeeded. The gentle but crisp beats will actually give you a sense of ease instead of a rushed feeling. Dying will, of course, tick you off, but it’s easier to get back into it. The sound effects are rather fun and futuristic and it fits the setting rather well. Combine both and you have the perfect mixture to keep you going.


SCRAP is an autorunner in a sidescroller setting where you need to survive several threats and assaults, all while auto-running to the exit. You are able to avoid any harm by jumping or double jumping, if you time it correctly that is. If you take your lift-off too soon you might fall on a bomb, while jumping too late might make you tumble down a pit. There actually isn’t anything else to the game. Just jump up and down on the lower level or go to the upper level if you need to avoid certain obstacles. There are small signs along the way to give you an indication where you should go, but there are multiple ways to get across, so whatever floats your boat. There are multiple checkpoints during the level, making it a tad easier instead of having to start over from the beginning again.

To make your robotic life a bit easier, you can also pick up temporary power-ups. When there is a hard part ahead, sometimes you will be able to get a shield. At other times, it might be a sprint boost or a magnet to get all those power cells. These cells aren’t a necessity to complete the run but you’ll need to collect a certain amount to be awarded. Each level has 3 goals to reach and if you get all of them, you can enter a bonus level. Next to the gems, it can also be a requirement that you can’t die during the run, so be prepared for that.

Although the game runs smooth and its difficulty level feels easier than other games of the genre, the game doesn’t have a lot to offer. Next to just jumping and the power-ups, there is nothing else that can keep you entertained. The game can literally be played with one finger, which feels a bit lacking.


SCRAP is an autorunner that would be better suited on a mobile device rather than the Nintendo Switch. The gameplay is fun but really simple, short and there is barely anything else you can do except running. No leveling up, no skills you can use, just running and hoping you won’t die. The graphics are simplistic but nicely done, which can also be said about the sound. But if it’s worth to get for your Switch? If you’re looking for a game that you can start up and quit in a fast fashion, then you can have a look.

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Rating: 8.5/10 (2 votes cast)
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SCRAP - Review, 8.5 out of 10 based on 2 ratings

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