The newest game out of the massively popular indie developer Mojang studios, the people behind the beloved Minecraft series have just released the launch trailer for their upcoming title Scrolls.

Scrolls is a card-based strategy game in which you control an army through a deck of cards on a hex-based battlefield. It’s quite a departure from their open world block building game that they have become so famous for. Fans of Penny Arcade should also know that Tycho (Jerry Holkins) is penning the games script and backstory, so if you enjoy his witty writing you’ll be sure to find plenty of it in there.

The game isn’t set to officially launch any time soon, however much in the same way that Minecraft released you’ll be able to purchase a cheaper beta version of the game on June 3rd for $19.99.The game you’ll be purchasing next Monday won’t have all of the games features implemented yet, but like Minecraft you’ll get future updates for the game for free if you purchase it during its cheaper beta period.

The game is coming to both PC and MAC.on June 3rd for its beta and the full feature complete game will arrive further down the line.

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