Season 2 of Armored Warfare titled Arabian Nights out now

Season 2 of Armored Warfare titled Arabian Nights out now

Global publisher and developer proudly launched Arabian Nights, the second season of its popular tank shooter Armored Warfare, on PC earlier in December. The new season provides exciting new chapters in war-hardened Magnus Holter’s narrative through new Special Operations, long-awaited advanced customization options and a new array of deadly tanks for players to command. As part of the Season, the first Battle Path – Warlords of the Wasteland, filled to the brim with amazing rewards is now available.

The currently featured Battle Path – Warlords of the Wasteland is a new campaign that will last for 3 months and is divided into 100 separate levels, each with its own reward. After obtaining Battle Path access, players will have to complete several subsets of challenging missions in order to earn BattleCoins. Numerous vehicle customization options can be unlocked this way and players that master all challenges will be able to unlock the coveted Altay Tier 10 Premium Main Battle Tank and Commander Alisa Korhonen.

In Arabian Nights, Magnus Holter is continuing the assault of Clayburn Industries and its allies, the Evocati PMC, in order to get rid of Douglas O’Reilly’s thugs for good. The Evocate are holed up in the Middle East and the mission seems straightforward enough – but not everything is as it seems. The Arabian Nights season will feature two brand-new Special Operation missions taking place in Egypt and Iraq, available on all three difficulty levels, as well as an Arabian Nights-themed Garage. Another two missions and the conclusion of the Arabian Nights story arc will become available after the launch of the season.

Season 2 includes a rebalance of Tier 1 to 4 vehicles in order to make them more fun to play. Their progression rate has been increased in order for the players to not spend time on low-Tiers if they don’t want to. There will also be a good reason to give them a shot since once players progressed beyond the lower tiers as improvements are made to the gameplay dynamics for these tiers by increasing their mobility as well as their rate of fire, making them the amazing battle machines they were always meant to be.

Watch the trailer for Season 2 of Armored Warfare, Arabian Nights, below.

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