Second Dev Diaries released for King’s Bounty II

Second Dev Diaries released for King’s Bounty II

Today, 1C Entertainment has presented the second episode of their Dev Diaries series on King’s Bounty II. In this new episode, you will learn about the lineage of King’s Bounty, which is rooted deep in the history of the gaming industry.

This new episode will give you information about the signature features of the King’s Bounty series, the differences between the games, why King’s Bounty II is considered the heir to the previous games and an answer to the question: Are the King’s Bounty games a single franchise?

King’s Bounty II will offer you a fresh take on one of the oldest series of fantasy RPGs. The game will feature a non-linear plot with original turn-based tactical battles. Each decision you make will matter, wherever you make it, be it in battles or while talking to the locals.

The second episode to the Dev Diaries of King’s Bounty II can be watched below.

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