Secret Mode announces Turbo Golf Racing

Secret Mode announces Turbo Golf Racing

Hugecalf Studios and publisher Secret Mode have announced Turbo Golf Racing. Combining multiplayer racing with golf, Turbo Golf Racing will be launching into Beta this Spring. The registrations for said Beta are now open to the public, and players can sign up to participate via the official website, or via the Xbox Insider Program, launching later in 2022 on PC, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, and Game Pass.

Turbo Golf Racing is an arcade-style sports racing game for up to eight players, who will compete to see who can putt their golf ball in the finishing cup first. Additionally, the game will include cross-platform matchmaking between PC and Xbox, with tons of cosmetic options for players to stand out from the competition.

“From the moment we first laid eyes on Turbo Golf Racing we were hooked by the concept,” says Paige Dolan, Greenlight Manager at Secret Mode. “Hugecalf Studios has crafted a raucous multiplayer experience like no other, and Turbo Golf Racing instantly became a daily staple of our free-time gaming sessions here in The Bunker. We’re counting down the days until the wider world can tee off with great anticipation.”


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