Sennheiser ACCENTUM Wireless – Hardware Review
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Sennheiser ACCENTUM Wireless – Hardware Review

Good: Design, Comfortable, Great battery life
Bad: Still requires a considerable investment
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Even though we have looked at quite a few of Sennheiser’s wireless earbuds, or even a pair of professional studio headphones, we also love exploring headsets for day-to-day usage. We loved the 450BT when it came out nearly two years ago, and we couldn’t wait until the German manufacturer presented us with a spiffy new headset that would make our daily commutes, binge sessions, or podcast experiences even more pleasant. For today’s review, we were lucky enough to try out the new ACCENTUM Wireless, which proved to be a great device.


The ACCENTUM Wireless is, like many of Sennheiser’s devices, a very classy piece of audio equipment. You’ll be treated to a solid black headset with a matte coating. The device doesn’t have any noticeable bells and whistles, and you’ll just see very small subtle Sennheiser logos on each side of the headband with a glossy finish. The headband uses a rubbery soft plastic and the ear cups are made of a faux-leather. The device looks great for every occasion, and the subtle design allows you to wear it with every type of outfit when you’re outdoors.


Comfort-wise, the ACCENTUM Wireless is a very comfortable piece of hardware. The device isn’t too heavy, only weighing roughly 222 grams, meaning you can easily use it for longer commutes or to binge your favorite shows. There’s ample padding to further enhance the comfort, as you’ll have a soft headband and the over-ear earcups are also very pleasant to the touch and again provide sufficient padding. The material is fairly easy to clean, but the matte finish does show fingerprints and smudges easily. Thanks to the over-ear design, outside noise is already filtered quite a bit.

Unlike the 450BT, The ACCENTUM Wireless does not have a foldable design. You can basically twist the ear cups, flattening the entire device, which makes it easier to store. This is a matter of personal preference, as having extra hinges like you find on a foldable headset will only add more parts that can wear down over time.




Like many other Bluetooth devices nowadays, you’ll be up and running in mere seconds, and this is also true for Sennheiser’s ACCENTUM Wireless headset. You’ll simply have to pair it with the device of your choosing, and the listening pleasure can begin. The device is charged via a USB-C connection, and a cable is included in the box. There is no carrying pouch that comes with the headset.

The ACCENTUM comes with all the basic features you’d expect, as you have multifunctional buttons on the right ear cup which allow you to play music, skip tracks, adjust volume settings, pair the device, activate ANC, pick up calls, and so on. As these are multifunctional buttons, you’ll probably have to first look up what every button does and how many times you’ll have to press them for specific functions and settings. The buttons themselves provide great tactile feedback, and they are easy to find without having to take off the headset.

As expected, the sound quality is superb. We were able to enjoy our music, shows, and podcasts with crystal clear audio feedback, and with the different settings, you’ll also be able to drown out outside noise, making sure you’re in your own little bubble. As always, however, when outside, we suggest staying aware of your surroundings, and it’s best to not use ANC in crowded areas where you’ll have to keep track of what is going on around you. When calling, the headset is also great to work with, and those on the receiving end also hear you loud and clear.


With 50 hours of battery life on a single charge, you don’t have to worry too much about constantly charging your device. With a quick charge of 10 minutes, you’ll be good to go for another seven hours, and a full charge will cost you about 2 and a half hours. These figures are mostly accurate, and we enjoyed being able to simply enjoy our music and shows without having to worry about plugging in the ACCENTUM after an episode or two.

If you wish to adjust settings for your headset, you can always use Sennheiser’s Smart Control App, even though the ACCENTUM works perfectly out of the box. The app allows you to mess around with the equalizer, activate the bass boost or the podcast mode, and it even allows you to swap between ANC and Transparency mode. Sadly, the app still doesn’t work that great, and more than often, when we had the app open (in the background) and then turned on the ACCENTUM, we struggled to have it actually connect via Bluetooth. When we shut down the app, our headset would work perfectly again, and only then we were allowed to run the app properly again.


Sennheiser’s ACCENTUM Wireless headset is an absolute delight to work with. The device is a great audio solution for day-to-day usage that allows you to really sink your teeth into your favorite podcasts, shows, and music. The headset is comfortable for longer periods of time, and even though the app doesn’t always work perfectly, there are still quite a few settings to mess around with. If you’re looking for a trusty companion for your daily commute, or if you simply want to zone out at home, we can wholeheartedly recommend the ACCENTUM Wireless. While the headset is being sold at a premium price, you’ll still get plenty of bang for your buck here.

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Sennheiser ACCENTUM Wireless - Hardware Review, 9.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating

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