Sennheiser launches new campaign Audio4Video

Sennheiser launches new campaign Audio4Video

Sennheiser is launching three new product lines as part of the new Audio4Video campaign: the compact MKE400 microphone for cameras, the XS Lav microphone for smartphones and laptops, and various mobile kits. In this way, the expert in audio is once again bringing a wide range of high-quality products to the market, specifically aimed at creating audiovisual content, regardless of taste and budget.

A compact shotgun microphone for captivating content

Sennheiser reinvents its MKE 400 and gives its compact shotgun microphone all the professional features you’d expect from a camera microphone.

Vloggers, videographers, and mobile journalists know that storytelling is as much an art as it is a craft. And to bring a story to life, sound is of importance. Whether you’re interviewing someone, providing commentary, or just recording the surrounding sounds, audio is essential to captivate your audience. To provide creators with a tool to explore their sonic horizons, Sennheiser has launched the new MKE 400 – a highly directional compact shotgun microphone that brings compelling audio to DSLR/Ms and mobile devices alike.

Simple and effective audio solution for vloggers

Adding high-quality voice to your videos faster and easier with Sennheiser XS Lav lapel microphone, made perfectly for content development. Pin the new XS Lav lapel microphone – also known as a tie-clip microphone – to where you need it, connect it to your smartphone or your computer and immediately start rolling. Whether you’re recording a podcast or a voiceover, interviewing someone or vlogging, this omnidirectional reversible microphone delivers clear and natural sound. The microphone is available as XS Lav Mobile with TRRS connection, XS Lav USB-C with USB C connection, and XS Lav USB-C Mobile kit with an additional Manfrotto PIXI Mini Tripod, and Sennheiser Smartphone clamp.

Handy solutions for content creators and vloggers

All-in-one Sennheiser Mobile Kits meet all your recording needs. In addition to the launch of the compact MKE 400 camera microphone and the XS Lav micro cameras for smartphones and laptops, Sennheiser also announces the launch of several Mobile Kits. These kits include a Manfrotto PIXI Mini tripod and a Sennheiser smartphone clip, specially designed for anyone who produces content and vlogs with their smartphone. The Mobile Kit is also sold separately as an accessory to existing microphones.

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