Sephonie – coming to Steam late 2021

Sephonie – coming to Steam late 2021

After being shipwrecked on the uninhabited island named Sephonie, 3 biologists must use their ONYX implants to research the native flora and fauna in the massive cave network that runs deep under the island. The trio, Amy, Ing-wen, and Riyou, must research the island’s unknown creatures by Linking with them via the novel Puzzle Grid system. This will lead them to unravelling mysteries both scientific and spiritual, watched over by a supernatural being which exists beyond human history.


  • A deep, emotional story about the close bonds of a trio, the priorities of nations, and the delicate connection of humans and nature, spanning beyond human history.
  • Master a parkour-esque moveset to sprint, wallrun, jump, and fling yourself through Sephonie Island’s rocky and physical caverns.
  • A novel and accessible Puzzle Grid System that will stretch your brain in fun ways.
  • A beautiful and varied cave system filled with all manner of large and surprising creatures

Sephonie will launch later this year on Steam.

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