September update for Elite Dangerous releases today

September update for Elite Dangerous releases today

The latest update for Elite Dangerous will go live today. This update will bring a whole new Starter Experience, featuring a fully-voiced introduction to teach new recruits the basics of flight, navigation, combat and more. For existing players, the new Livery System and the ARX virtual currency will be added as well.

In The New Starter Experience, Pilots Federation instructor Theo Acosta will provide you with the fully-voiced introduction before you start with your own starter ship, the Sidewinder. This introduction will learn you the basics of flying, navigation, combat, Hyperspace jumps, docking at starports with commentary in all of the supported languages in the game. This introduction will also be added to the training simulations.

This update will mean that the server of the game will go offline for maintenance today. A video has also been released, showing all the content added in this update. You can watch it below.

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