Shadowverse: Champion’s Battle Demo & Pre-Order Available Now!


Marvelous Europe Limited and Cygames have announced today that their new upcoming title Shadowverse: Champion’s Battle has a demo, which is now available to download through the Nintendo eShop. The game’s digital copy is as of now also available for pre-order. 

Shadowverse: Champion’s Battle is a reimagined card battle RPG based upon the anime adaptation of Cygames’ hit strategic multiplayer mobile/PC card battle game Shadowverse. The release of the demo is available within Europe and Australia. The game can be pre-ordered digitally for £44.99 / €49.99 / $79.95 AUD from the Nintendo eShop. Physical pre-orders are also available at participating retailers across Europe with a list available on the Marvelous Games website.

The demo version will allow players to experience the entire first chapter of the game’s storyline. This will allow players to dive into the newly reimagined journey as part of the Shadowverse club at Tensen Academy and take the first steps of becoming a champion and what it actually takes to become one. The game’s saving mechanism will also give players the opportunity to save their game data for later when the full game is released, thus continuing from where they left off. Marvelous Europe Limited has announced the game’s release date to be on the 13th of August, 2021.

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