Shark Attack update released for War Thunder

Shark Attack update released for War Thunder

Gaijin Entertainment has announced the release of the Shark Attack update, a major content update for the military online action game War Thunder. Players will now be able to try the new Ka-50 “Black Shark” and the Mi-28 “Night Hunter” helicopters, the British light cruiser HMS Belfast and the first fighter planes for a new nation tech tree that represents Sweden.

This update will also add new modern ground vehicles for several nations. The Chinese have gotten the ZTZ96 with a powerful smoothbore cannon with an autoloading mechanism and new composite protection while the US armed forces can now use the M1A2 variant of the Abrams tank with depleted uranium armor components. Larger-sized ships are also gradually coming to War Thunder as the first rank V ship, the American heavy cruiser Pensacola has now been added to the roster.

The J29D Tunnan and the Finnish fighter VL Pyörremyrsky are available as part of the Swedish tech tree pre-order packs. The closed beta testing for this tech tree will start later with the release of the next major update. A full list of the new vehicles and other updates is available on the game’s website. To commemorate this update, a new trailer showcasing some new vehicles and aircraft can be checked out below.

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