She Remembered Caterpillars launches on Nintendo Switch March 28th

She Remembered Caterpillars launches on Nintendo Switch March 28th

She Remembered Caterpillars, the dreamlike, abstract puzzler exploring love and loss with painstakingly hand-drawn art from Ysbryd Games and Jumpsuit Entertainment, will launch on Nintendo Switch March 28th, 2019.

This game was a nominee in the 2017 Independent Games Festival for Excellence in Visual Art. It’s a somber experience set in a beautiful world. A scientist tries to save her father. While doing this, you’ll explore fractured relationships, loss, and grief. Discover this dreamlike world with adorable little creatures called Gammies, while eavesdropping on a heartbreaking take.

With 40 brain-teasing puzzles, each with a distinct color, you’ll never have a dull moment. Difficulty builds in every act with challenging new color-based mechanics ingrained in the living architecture of the world, including bridges and flora that can only be passed by Gammies of certain hues. Each Gammie color is associated with a shape, making the game also accessible to colorblind players.

Besides the beautiful art, you’ll also get to enjoy some tunes from the composer of Deponia and Galaxy on Fire. The game provides a relaxing environment through its ethereal aesthetic combined with sounds that soothe the soul and intuitive puzzle designs.

“Our writer, Cassandra Khaw, drew from her personal experience to craft a narrative that really touches the heart,” said Daniel Goffin, CEO of Jumpsuit Entertainment. “We’ve woven a tale through our puzzles that examines bereavement and the devastating aftermath of losing someone close to you.”

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