Sherwood Extreme Brings Co-op Chaos to Steam Today

Sherwood Extreme Brings Co-op Chaos to Steam Today

Sherwood Extreme, the free-to-play crossbow shooter with bullet-time and ridiculous co-op action from CAGE Studios, launches today on Steam Early Access for PC, coming soon to Mac and with sights set on Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One for the 1.0 release in Q4 2021.

Robin Hood: friend or foe? Usually, it depends how much money you’re hoarding, but for the goblins who’ve invaded Sherwood, he’s their worst nightmare. Take command of history’s smoothest rogue and reclaim the kingdom with a stylish combination of backflips, parkour, headshots, and bullet-time. Snag sweet loot and pull off sick combos across several game modes and tens of thousands of level variants.

Go solo or grab a medieval mate and chase high scores together in castles, forests, goblin hideouts, and even active volcanoes, all brimming with traps, power-ups, and other surprises. Brave legions of foes in Horde Mode, execute a winning strategy in miniature raids, or just grapple hook onto a friend’s shoulders (yes, you can do that) to make a human tower of power. Race for the fastest time, string together a sky-high multiplier, or simply marvel at how nobody thought to put Exploding Red Barrels and Chaingun Crossbows in the same game before.

In the first official, pirate-themed season of Sherwood Extreme, claim rewards like new outfits, character skins, and ability-granting equipment. Stand up to daily Epic and Mythic quests with sadistic twists on familiar levels. Hundreds of free seasonal rewards await, with even more available for Kingdom Pass owners.

“Now’s the time to get sweaty and claim your place on the leaderboard!” said Salaar Kohari, game director and co-founder of CAGE Studios. “Beat my scores (it won’t take you long) then challenge our Discord community. With endless ways to synergize with a co-op partner, we can’t wait to see how buddies slow-mo dive and 360 no-scope their way through our courses.”


“We present players with tons of possibilities, but speedrunners prove day after day they know a game better than the people who made it,” added Gabriel Langlois, lead developer and fellow co-founder. “Let’s see what you’re all made of!”


Sherwood Extreme is out now for free on Steam Early Access via PC, coming soon to Mac and available in English, Spanish, Portuguese, and Russian. The debut Kingdom Pass for Season One unlocks hundreds of items and exclusive quests for 500 CAGE coins (approx. $5 USD). Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One will join the party with the full release in Q4 2021 with several new game modes and expanded features.

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