Shoot and conquer with All Guns on Deck

Shoot and conquer with All Guns on Deck

From indie game development studio Decaying Logic (the company behind Pixel Puzzles) comes their most ambitious game- All Guns on Deck. A hybrid game combining strategy, action RPG and naval combat gameplay, this title has a unique battle system and an unforgiving world to conquer- guaranteeing an exciting challenge.

As a naïve young sea captain, you will be taking to the waves to help the nation of Eutopia with their ongoing war effort. You are able to switch between two gameplay styles at any point in the game: one through taking control of guns to take down enemy aerial forces; the other, to test your military tactical skills by managing crew and resources.

Other features include:

  • Sailing around the world to attack ports, slay monsters and conquer the enemy
  • Managing the crew by overseeing the crew and allowing them to fight in battle, or man the guns
  • Exploring and discovering ships, guns and assistance chips to create the ultimate war machine

All Guns on Deck will be released in Early Access on the 28th August, as Decaying Logic are looking for advice and comments from the community to help to make the experience as unique and thrilling as possible. It will be available for $12.99 for the US, €11.99 for the EU and £9.99 for the UK on Steam.


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