Side-scrolling strategy game ‘Until We Die’ out NOW on Steam

Side-scrolling strategy game ‘Until We Die’ out NOW on Steam

Until We Die, the side-scrolling base defense strategy game by developers Pixeye Games, is out right now on Steam!

Until We Die is a post-apocalyptic strategy game where the remaining survivors find refuge in the Moscow Underground after a global disaster. Command wards to gather supplies and turn an abandoned station into an impregnable fortress colony capable of resisting any threat.

To win the game, you have to survive for roughly 30 game days, fending off a series of attacks on your base – these consist of small packs of creatures at first, but by the end, you’ll be up against a sweeping horde of mutants. The game will end in defeat if our hero Ivan dies during the run; or if the power generator (the heart of the base) is destroyed.


  • Run around and dispense valuable orders to your subjects that await your commands.
  • Build fortifications, research technology to secure your base further and defend more effectively.
  • Send expeditions to the surface.
  • Attack mutant lairs to secure new land for farms and tents.
  • Gather supplies from crates and extract food from mushrooms and anything else that looks edible… wasn’t there a meaty-looking rat that just ran down the tracks?

Until We Die is available on Windows PC (Steam) today, with a Nintendo Switch edition in the works for a subsequent release as well.

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