Silas Corey Het Zarkoff-Testament 2/2 – Comic Book Review
Follow Genre: Detective
Written by: Fabien Nury
Illustrations: Pierre Alary
Coloring: Bruno Garcia
Publisher: Glénat

Silas Corey Het Zarkoff-Testament 2/2 – Comic Book Review

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Around eight months ago the first part of the new Silas Corey miniseries was released and it ended with quite the cliffhanger. The French detective found himself in quite a pickle, when doing a job for his arch nemesis, namely find her heir and make sure this person gets what’s rightfully theirs, instead of throwing the money away when it’s handed to Zarkoff’s untrustworthy underlings. Even though it was clear this case would not be a walk in the park, now the most important thing on Silas’ mind is surviving.

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Silas was successful in tracking Zarkoff’s rightful heir, but it seems someone beat him to the punch. Johann Zichler, Zarkoff’s descendent has gone missing and in a scenario such as this one, it’s easy to assume that the man is already dead. Nonetheless, Silas also finds his wife, Nina, who can make a claim for the fortune too, if she makes it in one piece, before the competition does. Of course, things won’t be as easy as that, especially when soon after, Silas and Nina are already being chased by so-called police officers. By the minute, it’s becoming more and more clear that someone is trying to dispose of the real heirs, and that Silas is also being used in this ploy.

When Nina gets hit by a bullet, Silas escorts her to one of her closest friends, who offers her the chance to rest up and lay low for a while. Silas however feels there is foul play going on by one of Zarkoff’s underlings, and thus he decides to do some research of his own, risky as it might be. When Silas arrives at the hotel where Zarkoff’s contact resides, he was not prepared for what he was about to see.

Compared to the previous issue the pacing is a bit slower, as the final pieces of the puzzle still need to get their assigned places, and thus some more information is given and a proper background is being set. With new mysteries being presented and others being solved, Fabien Nury is able to keep things interesting from the moment you flip open the book, until you reach the last page of this Silas Corey story arc.

For some reason this album feels a lot more grim than the first one, and this is perhaps due to illustrations that seem a bit grittier, more violent and with darker color tones. The illustrations by Pierre Alary are still very detailed, except for some scenes which are a bit rougher around the edges, which still works well for this album. The darker color palette chosen by Bruno Garcia reminds us that the period in which these books play itself out wasn’t all that good.


Silas Corey Het Zarkoff-Testament 2/2 is a great conclusion to an exciting story, filled with danger, mysteries and the occasional beautiful woman. All these items are often found in great detective stories and this early 20th century French James Bond is worthy of such a title. We hope to see more of Silas Corey in the future, but we are quite optimistic that this blond haired charmer will cross our paths once again.

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Silas Corey Het Zarkoff-Testament 2/2 – Comic Book Review, 10.0 out of 10 based on 4 ratings

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