Sine Mora EX – Nintendo Switch Release date announced

Sine Mora EX – Nintendo Switch Release date announced

Sine Mora EX, the side-scrolling, shooter game, is coming to the Nintendo Switch. It even is an extended version from the original that the Switch owners will get when they buy the game.The game has a beautiful art style and has an awesome story. When Story Mode isn’t enough you can also play Arcade Mode to get even more of a challenge. Story Mode can also be played in Co-op which means that because of the switch you will be able to play it everywhere even together with a friend.

In Sine Mora EX there is a full English voice-over but for the players that know Hungarian, the original language is still available. There will also be 3 new Versus Modes available: Race, Tanks, and Dodgeball.

The Switch version of Sine Mora EX will be available the 26th September in the United States and the 10th of October in the rest of the world. Sine Mora EX is already available for PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

3rd-strike already reviewed the PS4 version; check it out here

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