Sky Beneath announced for next year

Sky Beneath announced for next year

Mindhaven Games have unveiled their gravity-defying puzzle adventure Sky Beneath. This game will be coming to PC and consoles in 2021, an exact release date has not yet been given and whether they’ll be coming to the next generation is still unsure.

In Sky Beneath, you assume the role of Cassie, an intrepid scavenger searching for salvage in abandoned mining facilities. Aided by advanced alien technology and her inventor friend Annie, Cassie takes control of the gravity to walk on walls and ceilings and change the gravity direction of objects near her.

This game is set on a planet where an uneasy alliance between humans and aliens has caused a huge rift between the rich and poor. Cassie and Annie must reveal the truth of what happened to the previous inhabitants of this land and find a way to get off of this planet. While solving puzzles, they will traverse floating cities, alien citadels, and high-tech research labs. Alien flora and fauna can be found everywhere, letting you see creatures you’ve never seen before.

The announcement trailer of Sky Beneath can be checked out below to see how it looks like. We’ll keep you updated when more info comes on this upcoming puzzle game.

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