SkyDrift Infinity – Review
Follow Genre: Arcade, Racing
Developer: Digital Reality
Publisher: HandyGames, THQ Nordic
Platform: PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, Switch
Tested on: PC

SkyDrift Infinity – Review

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It seems like a long time ago that quirky 3D racing games reigned supreme on consoles such as the Nintendo 64 or the first PlayStation. There was basically something for everyone, ranging from the typical Mario Kart-esque games to speedy combat racers such as Extreme-G, the simulation gameplay of Gran Turismo, and of course classic arcade experiences such as Cruis’n USA. Now, developer Digital Reality seemingly wants to recreate this type of gameplay with their latest release, SkyDrift Infinity. Published by HandyGames and THQ Nordic, we took a (modern) trip down memory lane, while also enjoying fun cameos while soaring through the sky, gunning down the opposition.


This game is completely void of any story. You basically pick the mode you’re interested in, you choose your plane, and you’re good to go. We don’t see any reason to add story content to a game such as this.


This is for us the hardest part of the game to judge. We couldn’t help but constantly feel like we were in-between different generations when looking at this title. For the most part, it has modern textures and great graphical quality, while also having the same base as the aforementioned retro games. Everything felt basic, yet modern enough to get away with it. The planes are diverse and nicely designed, but they all look like they were made for totally different games. This adds a certain charm to the experience, as this was also common for similar games in the late 90s, early 2000s. We did enjoy a fun THQ cameo when unlocking new planes, which is also a subtle wink to older games, as they also often included special characters from different franchises in their roster.


The sound design is fairly good, and the music will entertain you throughout your races. That being said, it’s not really that bombastic, and you’ll be focusing more on taking proper turns, as missing one may mean instant death, only causing you to lose precious time. The sound effects are decently handled, and they feel adequate for the experience.


SkyDrift Infinity is a very classic arcade racing experience. You basically pick the mode you wish to play and you will be playing in mere moments. You’ll be racing with different airplanes, while also having weapon power-ups at your disposal. The power-up system works the same as in all Mario Kart-inspired games. The game does require you to play through the Campaign mode in order to unlock new planes, and this can only be done while playing solo. This is probably one of the only negative remarks we can make about this game. If you want to play the multiplayer mode, this can be done locally with up to four players, but you can also opt to play online. Sadly, during our playing sessions, we never encountered other players online.

The controls are pretty straightforward in the game, as you can just take turns, tilt your plane allowing you to make sharper turns, use boosts, and of course, use the power-ups you have picked up. You just fly through the desired power-up, and then you can unleash all hell, or protect yourself from incoming projectiles, or even repair your aircraft. When you crash, the game will have you respawn very quickly, making it so that you can still catch up to your opponents. The control scheme opts for the traditional inverted flight controls, but you can also turn this off, granting you the option to play with traditional controls. As you steadily progress, you’ll have a variety of planes to choose from, gradually unlocking new ones, as well as skins for the ones you already have. There is a distinct difference between the different planes, and this allows you to pick the one that suits your playstyle.


SkyDrift Infinity is a great blast from the past, albeit in a modern jacket. This game is truly an homage to the arcade racing games of old, and it comes at a budget price, while being backed by premium publishers. Even though the online multiplayer servers may be dead, and there isn’t an abundance of content, this is a great aerial racing game that is equally as fun to play solo as it is via local split-screen. We were thoroughly entertained by this one, and we will be firing up our engines from time to time in the future to continue our dogfights while aiming for that coveted first place.

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Rating: 7.5/10 (2 votes cast)
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SkyDrift Infinity - Review, 7.5 out of 10 based on 2 ratings

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