Skylanders reveals two new elements: Light and Darkness

Skylanders reveals two new elements: Light and Darkness

For the first time since the start of Skylanders, two brand new elements have been added, Light and Darkness. These elements will be unleashed in the world of Skylanders on the 22nd of December. Two new Trap Masters, Knight Mare and Knight Light will be available in the special Light and Darkness Elemental Quest Packs.

Each Elemental Quest Pack contains a Trap Master and a special Trap which can be used to capture Light or Darkness baddies. Also a special level will be unlocked in-game.

As Portal Master you’ll get the opportunity to discover new levels within the Skylanders Trap Team universe. You can capture baddies that you have never seen before and you can discover new areas. Prepare yourself for a confrontation with Luminous and Nightshade, two elite members of the Doom Raiders, an army of Kaos that is composed out of the most notorious bad guys of Skylands.


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