Skylanders: Swap Force announced

Skylanders: Swap Force announced

As you may or may not know several of us at 3rd-Strike love Activision’s Skylanders brand. Skylanders: Giants is just over 3 months old since its release in October of last year and they haven’t released all the figures as of yet. Still determined to mine all the money they can out of this new franchise as quickly as possible Activision announced yesterday a new game in the franchise.

Dubbed, Skylanders: Swap Force the games new driving mechanic is the ability to swap and match the bottom and top elements of the new figures. The top half of the figures dictate the moves your Skylanders will have while the bottom half will dictate how your characters move around the world. If you want the top half to be Trigger Happy with all of his attacks, while you move about the world with Wash Bucklers tentacle legs you can.

The top half will snap onto the bottom half with magnets, unfortunately to play the new game you not only have to purchase the new disc but a new Portal of Power. The existing Portal of Power you own from the previous games won’t work with the new figures or game. Which forces players to purchase the pricey starter pack that includes both the game and Portal of Power. Don’t worry though your current collection of Skylanders figures will work in both the game and with the Portal of Power, along with the new swapping mechanic Skylanders can now JUMP.

Unfortunately they have been releasing so many things in such a short amount of time that I don’t think I’ll be making the jump to the newest game. The release date is currently sometime in the Fall of 2013

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