Skyrim DLC coming to the PS3

Skyrim DLC coming to the PS3

Skyrim is a great game at least for those playing it on the PC and 360 for the duders that went and bought the latest installment in the Elder Scrolls game on the PS3 it has been, well less than stellar.

The core game was severely flawed when it released on the PS3 I would even go as far as to say unplayable with the frame rate dropping into single digits. Then the DLC started to come out for the game, Dawnguard, Hearthfire, and recently Dragonborn. They were all released first on the 360 per a deal with Microsoft and then eventually made its way over to the PC, with Dragonborn set to come to Steam on February 5th. Unfortunately because of all the technical problems the base game went none of the DLC has made its way over to the PS3 even though the first DLC Dawnguard was released on the 360 in June of last year.

If you stuck it out and waited for the content to release on the PS3, I’m amazed, but you won’t have to wait much longer. Probably. Bethesda announced that after the latest patch 1.8 is released the DLC should be released within February. Should is the right term as not everything has gone to plan when it comes to Bethesda games and the PS3, but as an apology they announced that each DLC will be 50% off during the first week that the DLC is released.

I guess PS3 owners should be thankful they are getting them at all, as I had already assumed they just weren’t going to.

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  1. Mitsumi
    January 25, 2013, 09:36

    I will just wait for the GOTY edition!

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