Slipgate festival event trailer and October updates for Quake

Slipgate festival event trailer and October updates for Quake

Quake’s update is coming, and we’re here to tell you all about it!

Quake Champions’ October update contains:

  • Slipgate: Slipgate is an attack and defence mode where both teams battle over a Slipgate portal. A giant wormhole that is capable of summoning ancient and unknown terrors. All snipers start with all weapons, full health and armor, but only one life.The defending team starts with a team of Elder God cultists that start try to open the Slipgate. The attacking team needs to kill all cultists before the poertal opens before the corruption starts spreading.
  • Slipgate Festival: All players that start playing from day one will get the tentacle weapon shaders for all starter weapons. Further milestones are the Quake 4 Heavy Machine Gun-skin given to all players, Ranger of Scalebearer Lore Skinm and eventually Athena, or her lore skin if you already own her from the Champions pack
  • Starter Statistics:
    • Health: 125
    • Armor: 50
    • Speed: 320
  • Active and Passive Abilities – Grappling Hook and Ramp Jump: Athena launches a grappling hook to an aimed location and pulls herself towards is. While in mid-air, she can stop and swing around for some interesting manouvres. With ramp jump Athena is capable of reaching new heights when launched from high places on the map.
  • Arcade mode updates: In the new Swinger Party free for all deathmatch mode, every player plays as Athena where every direct hit of the grappling hook counts as a one hit kill. but the REAL party crasher is Lead the Way. This exclusive Scalebearer mode runs (literally) like a train. Bull-Rush, I choo-choo-choose you! Last but not least; Mystery Champion and Unholy Trinity make their way to the Arcade TDM rotation. with the prior giving you a random Champion every time you spawn, and the latter only letting you use  rocket launchers, railguns and the lightning guns.

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