Snakebyte HEAD:PHONE – Hardware Review
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Developer: Snakebyte
Publisher: Snakebyte
Platform: Pretty much all devices with a 3.5mm audio jack (this one is designed as a Switch headphone)

Snakebyte HEAD:PHONE – Hardware Review

Good: Compact, Affordable, Music sharing
Bad: Ear cups are a bit small
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With the release of the Switch, it was only a matter of time before third party developers would start flooding the stores with accessories for the device. Seeing the Switch is both a home console and a handheld device, there are plenty of options to create useful accessories for both occasions. Snakebyte has released a set of accessories, mostly directed at mobile players, and we had the chance to take a look at three of their available items, one being a starter kit, with a hard case, earphones, a screen protector and so on, the other a travel case, and last but not least a set of headphones. We decided to start off with the Snakebyte HEAD:PHONE.



Snakebyte opted for a fairly simple retro-ish design, without any real whistles and bells. You’ll be treated to a rather monotone grey device, which goes hand in hand with the standard grey Switch console. The only color influences are the rather bright red cable and a very thin red lining around the plastic of the ear cups, which are probably a small hint towards the neon version of the Switch. The device itself is little and compact, but nonetheless it still looks quite spiffy in all its simplicity.

We were quite surprised, when keeping in mind the price class of the device, that the headband had a leathery finish on the inside, the plastic portions of the ear cups have a soft coating and last but not least, that the device comes with ample visible padding.


We have to admit we had our doubts about the comfort factor of this small device, especially when looking at the compact size of the headphones. Nonetheless, even though the ear cups will not envelop your ears but instead squish them a bit, the HEAD:PHONE proves to be rather comfortable. Of course, this somewhat budget device will never offer the same experience as one of a high price class, but it does a solid job as there is ample padding, and the device itself is light as well. Perhaps the only negative aspect might be that the device grips your head rather tight, making it unpleasant for those who prefer a somewhat looser experience.

Snakebyte Headphone

It’s clear that this headset is intended to be used when you’re playing your Switch in handheld mode, but cable length is no issue, which adds to the overall comfort factor.

The fun thing about this device is that it’s foldable, which means you can fold the ear cups to the inside of the headband, making Snakebyte’s tiny device even tinier, which in turn makes it easier to store in your backpack when you want to bring it with you on your travels.


  • 40 mm audio drivers
  • Music sharing
  • Foldable and comfortable design


Snakybytes peripheral is a plug and play device, seeing you’ll only have to connect it to your Switch, via the standardized 3.5mm audio jack. This means that there’s no microphone embedded into the device, and it is purely an audio device. Nonetheless, we were quite surprised with the punch that this little pair of headphones packed.

Snakebyte Headphone 5

We were quite amazed by the sound quality of this little cheap piece of hardware, as it is actually crisp and clear, and it still has a fairly noticeable bass to enjoy when playing some more action packed titles. As many other headsets already opt for 50-60mm drivers, the HEAD:PHONE is stuck with its 40 mm drivers, but even so, you’ll be treated to a very qualitative and pleasant experience.

An extremely cool feature this small headset has, is that you’re able to ‘share music’. This is done by the audio-out port on the right ear cup, which allows other headphone/headset users to insert their 3.5mm jack into said plug, and allow them to join in on the fun, be it to play multiplayer games, or simply to enjoy the same music.


For its extremely low price, Snakebyte’s HEAD:PHONE is a superb device to bring with you on your travels, not only for its crisp audio quality, but also because it’s light, foldable, looks rather classy and of course has the necessary comfort features. If you have a somewhat lower budget, but you still want a qualitative device to enhance your (mobile) gaming experience, be sure to check this one out.


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Snakebyte HEAD:PHONE - Hardware Review, 9.8 out of 10 based on 4 ratings

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