Sniper: Ghost Shooter (DVD) – Movie Review
Follow Genre: Action, Drama, Thriller
Director: Don Michael Paul
Distributor: Sony Pictures Home Entertainment
Duration: 95 minutes

Sniper: Ghost Shooter (DVD) – Movie Review

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Sniper: Ghost Shooter is the sixth installment in the Sniper series. The first movie has hit the theaters in 1993 and subsequent movies have been trying to build on that success. This time, it’s all about terrorism as a highly trained sniper crew take on the battle with them in the defense of a gas pipeline.

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Sniper: Ghost Shooter starts off when a group of snipers infiltrate a terrorist camp where hostages are being taken to be executed. After a fairly sloppy job by Brandon Beckett (Chad Michael Collins), a new assignment is given to Richard Miller (Billy Zane) to protect a gas pipeline which should make Europe independent from Russia for natural gas. Terrorist parties have been wreaking havoc along the pipeline, trying to disrupt the whole system and to make a statement.

Richard and his crew are tasked to protect a high value target which is sourcing the operations for building the pipeline. Everything seemed well until suddenly the convoy of cars was attacked in an attempt to take out the H.V.T. While the snipers are desperately trying to protect the target, enemy snipers seem to have found the position of the snipers without any effort. Elite sniper Brandon Beckett suspects that some of their allies were giving the coordinates of their team to the terrorists, which team leader Miller doesn’t like at all as he sends Brandon to cool down on the freezing mountain tops as a lookout.

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After his “timeout” in the mountains, Brandon gets back to his crew but they’re still getting picked off in the next fight by impossible shots. They suspect Gazakov (Velislav Pavlov) to be the ghost shooter, a renowned terrorist. Somehow it’s suspected that he has gotten access to the drone network of the marines, seeing everything they see and giving them access to the GPS of the marines, which is not something the superiors are wanting to hear.

Overall, the story in Sniper: Ghost Shooter is quite modest. It doesn’t have a lot of depth to it as it’s just “do this potentially life-threatening thing for me, but watch out because the terrorists know where you are”. There aren’t any unexpected twists in the story or what happens throughout the movie. It’s quite clear that once you see the first firefight where snipers are being picked off, that someone or something is giving their location away. The rest of the movie is simply a small quest to find out how they’re finding their position and who is in charge of it.

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However, it’s not all about story since this is mainly an action movie, and the action in Sniper: Ghost Shooter is quite good. It’s awesome to see a movie from the snipers their perspective since it gives a whole other layer of depth. There are also quite some tense and impressive moments in the movies, especially when it’s a sniper versus sniper fight.

All of the important actors casted performed quite well overall. Billy Zane was very convincing in his role, you can almost feel his anger when he’s being pissed about something. Chad Michael Collins, playing the elite sniper Brandon Beckett also does an outstanding job. He looks and acts like a tough marine who knows what he’s talking about. Other roles like the colonel, played by Dennis Haysbert and Robin Slater, played by Stephanie Vogt are also very well played.

Sniper: Ghost Shooter plays for 95 minutes, containing 16 scenes. The DVD sadly doesn’t include any bonus content. A blooper reel or a short movie about the terrorists their point of view would surely have been appreciated.


All in all, Sniper: Ghost Shooter was an okay movie. It’s not quite the greatest action movie out there, but it does the job. Sadly, the story seems to lack any kind of depth or unexpected plot twists, but the action was mostly on point throughout the movie. The actors also played solid roles and played them well, which is of course something to take into account.

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Rating: 7.2/10 (6 votes cast)
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Sniper: Ghost Shooter (DVD) - Movie Review, 7.2 out of 10 based on 6 ratings

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