Snooker 19 – Out now on Switch!

Snooker 19 – Out now on Switch!

Good news for Snooker fans and Nintendo Switch owners! Snooker 19 has been released for the Switch today!

Snooker 19 portrays an incredibly realistic simulation of snooker With custom-built advanced physics and a specialized A.I. engine it promises a new visual standard for Snooker games. You’ll be able to take on a career in Snooker in Career mode. See how far you will be able to make it as a professional as you give it your best shot. There are also a variety of local and online modes where you’ll be able to beat your friends or strangers in Snooker.

“I’m extremely excited that Snooker 19 has launched for Nintendo Switch, which means the game is now available on all major platforms,” said Justin Forrest of Lab42, Game Director of Snooker 19. “Developing the first official snooker game in nearly a decade has been a dream come true and I am so proud of what the team here at Lab42 has managed to accomplish for their first snooker title.”

You’ll also be able to play and master every official tournament on the Wold Snooker Calendar which is synced with the actual real-time calendar. There will be 128 of the world’s best players to choose from. Players will be able to compete for a place on the leaderboard and to receive exclusive rewards.

“The team here at Ripstone could not be more delighted to see Snooker 19 release on Nintendo Switch today. It has been a real passion project for everyone involved, which when coupled with the unprecedented access and support from the team at World Snooker, means that Snooker 19 brings the sport to life like never before,” said Hollie Pattison, PR & Marketing Manager at Ripstone. “Lab42 spent extra development time ensuring the Nintendo Switch version delivers the most authentic experience possible, in addition to the ability to play at home or on the go.”

Snooker 19 was already available on PC, PS4 and Xbox One but from today on it is also available on Nintendo Switch.

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