Sockventure Launch Date Announced On Steam!


Going out on an adventure with different socks is allowed, as long as it’s in this game.

Publisher Versus Evil and developer Nighthouse Games are happy to announce the release of Sockventure. The 2D platform action game will be available on PC via Steam on May 11th. If you read our future review of Sunblaze and like it, then this game can probably also make it in your game list.

Sockventure is about a superhero named Supersock who’s tasked to sock out all the missing socks inside a cursed washing machine. With over 200 handcrafted levels across 7 chapters, players will be mesmerized by the colorful graphics and frenetic fast-paced 2D platform action.

Precision-based gameplay and split-second timing are essential to navigate through the intricately designed levels and deadly hazards such as fire, lasers, circular saws, and lots of dangerous pointy things that will beset the cape-adorned sock hero. Sockhero can acquire different skills through this deadly sock retrieval mission. Some of those skills include wall jumping, double jumping, mid-air dashing, and stomping. The game also has a collecting mechanic where gathering coins will unlock dark chapters with a whole new platforming challenge without auto-run.

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