SOMA ARG has been cracked

SOMA ARG has been cracked

Good job to everyone who participated in the SOMA ARG (Alternate Reality Game). A few days ago, we posted two trailers that held some information to crack the code. Now that this has happened, Frictional Games released a whopping 12 minutes gameplay trailer. Next to that, there are some screenshots of the environments as well.

For the people that missed the ARG or don’t know the game,here is a small introduction. SOMA will take you to PATHOS-2, where something is amiss. The communications have died and certain personnel have gone missing or even worse … have been declared dead. The machines on the other hand are acting strangely as well and they start to be almost human.

If you would like to take a peek at SOMA, here’s your opportunity!

SOMA will be released September 22nd on PC and PS4.

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