Son of Scoregasm – Save the biscuits now!

Son of Scoregasm – Save the biscuits now!

A new shooter game has been released on Steam and in the PlayStation Store: Son of Scoregasm. In the game, the King of the Earth’s beloved biscuit tin has been stolen and it’s your job to retrieve it. Of course, this isn’t as simple you have to fight your way through a copious amount of enemies in space. With 28 distinctive levels full of bad guys, traps, lasers and even explosions, you have to blast your own way out without mistakes. Make your way through the toughest levels and defeat the boss contraptions so you can save the biscuits!

Other features include:

  • Hectic twin-stick gameplay
  • 7 different endings
  • Online rankings to show who’s number 1
  • Expert difficulty for players who want to up their game

Son of Scoregasm is out now for Steam and the PlayStation Vita.

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