Sony Pictures Home Entertainment delivers three intriguing tales in May

Sony Pictures Home Entertainment delivers three intriguing tales in May

If you’ve been wondering what to watch for movie night, then Sony Pictures Home Entertainment has got you covered. They’ve announced release dates for three upcoming digital video releases. We’ve got the trailer for each of these below, alongside their premise and release date.

French Exit – 11th of May

In French Exit, Michell Pfeiffer stars as socialite Frances Price who, at the age of 60, has gone from riches to rags. Twelve years after her husband Franklin passed away, she’s spent her inheritance. Frances decides to spend her remaining days in Paris, out of the spotlight. Together with her son Malcolm (Lucas Hedges) and a cat named Small Frank -who may or may not house the spirit of Franklin-, Frances lives out her remaining days.

Blast Beat – 21st of May

On the eve of the year 2000, Colombian Brothers Carly (Mateo Arias) and Mateo (Moises Arias) are preparing to move to the United States for their final years in high school. Metalhead Carley wants to go to the Georgia Aerospace Institute and live out his lifelong dream of working for NASA. Their parents (Diane Guerrero and Wilmer Valderrama) are eager to escape the tense political situation in Colombia and chase after the American Dream. Matio is the only one of the family that expresses cynicism at first, but once the family starts to realize the reality of their new life, their expectations are crushed. With the family’s future at stake, Carly’s dream is the only way out.

Long Weekend – 25th of May

Down-on-his-luck Bart (Finn Wittrock) has a chance meeting with the mysterious Viënna (Zoë Chao) and the pair falls in love hard and fast. An enchanting weekend full of love leads to unexpected revelations. The secrets these two carry could mean their downfall or a fresh start.

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