Sony reveals new community event Seize the Throne

Sony reveals new community event Seize the Throne

Bringing people back together in these challenging days is mostly done over the internet; so why not make it a fun challenge where you can earn prizes in the process? Sony announces that their event Seize the Throne will bring together gamers by having them complete community challenges, making their way to the top, and unlocking exclusive PSN avatars and a unique PS4-theme in the process.

Players who subscribe can compete for even bigger prizes by testing their PlayStation knowledge in a series of trivia questions. Items in the prize pool consist of the King’s PlayStation Shapes Ring set, a PlayStation 5, a bundle with a Pulse 3D Wireless Headset, and a €100 PSN Store gift card.

How to enter?

  • Register your PSN-ID here
  • Play PS4/PS5 games for at least an hour (you decide in how many sessions) and help them reach the Community Goal.
  • Use the Share function, for each photo or video uploaded you get extra points, with a maximum of six items per day.
  • Earn trophies to earn points, with a maximum of six per day.

You can sign up starting today, until the end of Stage 2, and the competition ends November 18th. No PS Plus subscription is needed.

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