Soul Survivors releases on Steam Early Access

Soul Survivors releases on Steam Early Access

Dark Vision Studios, the developers behind Soul Survivors, have announced that their Vampire Survivors clone is now out on Steam Early Access for $3.99. The game’s early access version features two out of six planned playable characters. Each of the characters has unique abilities and gimmicks that will alter runs alongside the different stages.

By upgrading talents and unlocking persistent upgrades, players will be able to obtain new abilities for their characters until they eventually turn into unstoppable killing machines. With a focus on RPG mechanics, Soul Survivors’ emphasis is on slowly building the characters, attempting to stand out from its competitors.

“Since beginning development on Soul Survivors, we have worked tirelessly to create a unique and entertaining time-survival roguelite,” said Sterling Selover. “Whether you’re familiar with the genre or are a fledgling adventurer, our blend of distinctive combat, persistent progression, and dark fantasy world-building has something for everyone.”

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