Souls-like ARPG Lost Epic launches today on the Switch

Souls-like ARPG Lost Epic launches today on the Switch

Great news today from publisher One or Eight as together with developer Team Earth Wars announce that their Souls-like side-scrolling Metroidvania-like action RPG Lost Epic releases today on the Switch.

In Lost Epic players will embark on an unholy journey as the God Slayer and lay waste to the tyrannical Pantheon of Six. With the use of a wide range of weaponry and extravagantly animated movie sets you’ll carve a path towards the redemption of humanity. Hack and slash your way through waves of enemies while collecting Anima to upgrade your character with an extensive skill tree and build the character to your liking thanks to various unique outfits. You don’t have to go alone as you can take a friend with you on this journey of redemption.

Venture through all six worlds and destroy the sacred dwelling places of eternal deities to find the true boss of the Abyss and rid the world of their influence once and for all. These dwellings are filled with enemies that want to meet your unholy ways and are hiding in many secret places filled with valuable loot. Making your way through these won’t be hard as thanks to a large number of weapons and magic abilities the game embraces numerous playstyles so anyone can play the way they would prefer. With the version coming to the Switch, this will also bring over the numerous updates done on the Steam version, including new secrets, transcendent weapons and the ability to play as an A.N.T.I. soldier from Earth’s Dawn that has long-range weaponry.

Lost Epic is available on PC and Switch.

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