South Park: Season 23 (DVD) – Series Review
Follow Genre: Animation, Comedy
Distributor: Universal Pictures Home Entertainment
Episodes: 10
Duration: 21 min (per episode)

South Park: Season 23 (DVD) – Series Review

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South Park has been running for 23 years now, and it’s actually hard to believe that the foulmouthed quartet of Stan, Kyle, Eric and Kenny stole the hearts of many different (adult) viewers. The series has been the focal point of many heated debates of ‘how far is too far’ when it comes to humor. Nonetheless, the series is still going strong, and it still amuses viewers across the globe. We were lucky enough to revisit the series for its 23rd season.

As (almost) always, there isn’t a big story to be found in the seasons of South Park. This time we are taken to Tegridy Farm where Randy Marsh (Trey Parker) and Towelie (Vernon Chatman) are in control of what is going on. Randy is occupied with spreading his brand all over South Park, and possibly even the world. This of course gets him in many different predicaments. Other than that, the PC Babies also get their own episode, as well as the women of South Park and even Scott Malkinson (Matt Stone) gets his own adventure.

The flow of the series is basically the same as it has always been where every episode handles a single topic. Nonetheless, after the season of the internet trolls, things have changed a bit more, and there are certain recurring things that happen, or things that are tied together. The first half of the season is basically about Tegridy Farm, while the rest of the boys still get into their own adventures. Overall the formula remains the same, but it feels like there’s more progress and it actually feels a bit more personal this way. We reckon this formula still pleases the longtime fans, but also lures in those who want a bit of story progress as well.

In terms of voice acting things have not really changed in this 23rd season. The actors are now clearly used to their roles, and take on many different ones during the course of each episode. The voices are qualitative and properly fit inside the South Park universe.

The DVD box of Season 23 doesn’t really come with many extras. You can find some concept art you can browse through, but other than that you will find no other special features. While a series such as this doesn’t have that many possibilities in terms of extras, it would still be nice to hear some of the thoughts about the creators or how certain episodes were made.


South Park: Season 23 is another fun addition to South Park’s long-running adventure. This season also marks the 300th episode of the series, which is certainly a milestone for the series. While there are certain things that evolve throughout the season, you can easily watch each episode separately. If you’re fan of the series, you’ll certainly enjoy this season.

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South Park: Season 23 (DVD) - Series Review, 8.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating

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