Space Chef gets a publisher ahead of a 2023 release!

Space Chef gets a publisher ahead of a 2023 release!

UK games publisher Kwalee has announced a partnership with Swedish developer BlueGooGames today. Kwalee will handle publishing duties for BlueGooGames’ upcoming title Space Chef as a direct result of this new partnership. The 2D open-world action/cooking adventure was developed following a successful Kickstarter and will be released on Switch and PC in 2023. In Space Chef, players become aspiring chefs with only a simple space-trailer and the remnants of their grandma’s cookbook to their name.


  • Cook with out-of-this-world ingredients: Chop, grill and fry your way to success using a big selection of the finest alien ingredients.
  • Shotgun or spatula?: Explore the galaxy to hunt for ingredients; from your own basement to the distant ice planet of Cubo, home to the most dangerous lemmings in the universe. The Ratoid in your basement might look disgusting, but a starving Zublorgian will pay good money for a grilled one on a plate with some cheese.
  • Deliver your food across the galaxy: Some places are more fatal than interesting, but Rusty Town is one settlement where you’ll find nice, hungry customers. Don’t miss Zlurka’s for drinks, gossip and some late-night Graffle-riding. Beware of the Galactic Police if you’re smuggling illegal ingredients, like the rare stinking red Blurgon Fruit.
  • Everyone’s hungry: Watch out for hungry space pirates, who will do anything to stop you from delivering your food. Defend yourself using a space blaster built from an old broken BBQ and some gunpowder. Or make some delicious deliveries to the pirate leader and have them as allies against competing food delivery services.

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