Space cooking sim Godlike Burger announced

Space cooking sim Godlike Burger announced

Daedalic Entertainment and Liquid Pug LLC have announced Godlike Burger, a cooking sim where you won’t just cook delicious meals, but also kill delicious aliens. Godlike Burger will launch into Steam Early Access in the first half of this year.

In Godlike Burger, you run a burger restaurant in outer space where many aliens come to visit you and enjoy your freshly cooked meals. What your customers don’t know, is that the secret ingredients of your burgers is the customers themselves. You have to kill them after they have ordered by luring them into traps or simply stab them to death when you get the chance. With the space police also liking your burgers, they’ll visit your restaurant often while they’re on the job of solving the mystery of missing aliens.

Below, you can check out the newest trailer on Godlike Burger.

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