Space Farmers – Review
Follow Genre: Puzzle, action, adventure
Developer: BumpkinBrothers
Publisher: BumpkinBrothers
Platform: PC

Space Farmers – Review

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Space Farmers is a small game made by the BumpkinBrothers. It requires teamwork with a friend and seems to be a good casual game. So grab up you forks and plow away!



About the story… well there isn’t really one. You are trapped in a space station, which you want to leave.  You can play as a variety of characters that you can slightly customize with different kinds of hats, or other accessories. You’ll also unlock new characters if you play enough. Though no matter what character you pick, it doesn’t affect the story in the slightest. If you wish for a story, you can just make up your own, which good be a rather fun experience.


Graphics-wise, this game is not your typical AAA game. There are, however, a lot of different characters with all kinds of different designs available, so variety is something that is definitely  present. The game adapts a cartoon-like artstyle, which suits it quite nicely.



The music in this game is surprisingly well done. Most of the tunes are rather catchy, and they sometimes even sound like farm music. Sound effects are also not bad, although not really special either. No voice-acting is present either, though that makes rather sense, since you are required to play with friends.


Space farmers has no single-player option available, which means that you’ll have to play with a friend. When you buy the game, you’ll get two different keys for both you and a friend, so you are not required to separately buy the same game.

When playing, you first choose which character you’ll be and they also allow you to equip an accessory. Though this doesn’t change anything overall. After both selecting your character, the game pre-determines a set of 5 levels that you’ll play one by one. Only after clearing a total of 10 different levels, you’ll be able to feely choose which one you wish to play.


Both you and your friend start a level at a certain starting point. The purpose of the game is to both reach the final destination of the level, without dying once. If one of you would die, both players have to redo that one level from the start. Depending on what level you are in, a set of weapons are available to you, like a small helicopter pack, a laser or  even infrared goggles.

In a level, there are also enemies present, which will actually try to kill you. If you have a laser gun, you can kill those enemies, which will then drop some turnips. These turnips can be used to unlock new characters or accessories. So there is some kind of collecting present.

After completing 5 levels, you are sent to your space ship, where a couple of challenges are available. All of these challenges are rather similar: you are giving 30 seconds to survive a wave of enemies, where the items available differ from one another.



Overall, the game is not very lengthy. There are not many levels available and sadly the characters do not have any unique meaning to them. However, the game is actually rather fun since playing with a friend can sometimes be rather challenging. You’ll often find yourself laughing and the different levels are fun to play. The game is definitely worth it when played in shorter sessions.

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