Space Run Galaxy released with Launch Trailer

Space Run Galaxy released with Launch Trailer

Passtech Games is happy to announce that their latest creation, strategy-come-Tower Defence game Space Run Galaxy, is now available on Steam. A sequel to their original game Space Run in 2014, Space Run Galaxy is set twenty years after the original game, and Captain Buck Mann now has his very own intergalactic courier service! Playing as one of the members of his team, your task is to race to deliver precious goods from planet to planet- whilst also being able to reinforce modular ships with armaments. Remember, though, the quicker you arrive at your destination, the better rewards you’ll get!

Key features of the game are:

  • User-created contracts- you can take on contracts from other players for better rewards
  • Trade hard-earned goods with fellow space runners to be able to sell off extra supplies in the intergalactic market
  • New corporations offer riskier jobs- you can carry the super fragile cargo of XenoPrime, or risk the highly dangerous weapon prototypes from The Force
  • Face brand new boss-type enemies, such as pirate ships or space monsters
  • Lots of customisation options for your ships, from the shape and size to the colour. There are no restrictions!

Space Run Galaxy is available on Steam for pre-purchase now. Meanwhile, check out the launch trailer below!

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