Spacebase DF-9

Spacebase DF-9

The DF stands for Double Fine the developers behind some of my favourite quirky games and it seems like DF-9 will be no different.

Like many of Double Fine’s quirkier games of late DF-9 came out of their Amnesia Fortnight, wherein the company stops everything for two weeks to band together in groups to create prototypes of games that have been knocking about in their head. Once Upon a Monster, Iron Brigade (whatever happened to Trenched? Oh well), Costume Quest, and Stacking are some of the games that were brought to life from this two weeks of development that have gone on to become full blown games.

Spacebase DF-9 has finally been put up on Steam’s Early Access for gamers to purchase and download, what can you do in DF-9 I hear you incredulously asking. I certainly can’t do the game justice with my word smithery so instead check out the trailer that the folks at Double Fine put up for the Early Access release.

You can grab Spacebase DF-9 on Steam’s Early Access for $25

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