Spacecom – Preview
Follow Genre: Strategy, Space, Starfleet command
Developer: Flow Combine
Publisher: 11 Bit Launchpad
Platform: PC, Linux, Mac
Expected Full Release: Q3-Q4 2014

Spacecom – Preview

Good: Minimalistic graphic and audio design allows the player to focus on the tactical gameplay
Bad: Perhaps the focus on multiplayer is slightly too much
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Spacecom is a strategic-to-the-bone starfleet command game with a heavy focus on multiplayer. It is developed by Flow Combine but will be published under the 11 bit launchpad label, who are best known for the Anomaly series. Spacecom was Greenlit last year but the stunning minimalistic space strategy game will launch later this year.


While the focus in Spacecom lies heavily on multiplayer gameplay, the game also provides a single player gameplay in the form of missions. This mode will grant you with several kinds of missions that you need to complete, ranging from invading planets to destroying enemy fleets to capturing and destroying systems. The mission mode also contains additional objectives which are optional to complete. It is also in this mode that you will learn what types of fleet there are, what they can do and more specifically how to use them to successfully complete a mission. Having a tutorial in the form of single player missions is something that I highly appreciate in games as it allows the player to get used to the controls of a new game and at the same time it allows the player to advance in the game itself. As for the fleets you will be commanding, there are three types. The battle fleets can be used to destroy enemy fleets. The invasion fleets are as the name suggests fleets that are capable of invading systems and capturing them. Lastly there are siege fleets who are able to destroy enemy systems. These fleets can rank up when victorious in battle but these can also be destroyed if the enemy forces are too strong. You will be able to tell whether you are losing or winning a fight via the means of a simplified HUD by clicking on the system the fight is currently happening in. However, it is not only about winning or losing the fight. It is about perfectly timed attacks, retreats and taking defensive positions when needed while also keeping in mind that you may need to resupply and build ships to accompany your fleet with limited resources.

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The learning curve is Spacecom is not extremely difficult if you do manage to think strategically. If strategically thinking is not in your alley, the learning curve may be somewhat steep. Before you take the fight online, you can always improve your strategies in Skirmish mode. Here you will battle against AI-controlled players in various sizes of maps, ranging from two to six players in total. If the games become boring to you, you can always increase the ranks of the AI-controlled players, ultimately making the fight slightly harder. Obviously the next step is the multiplayer mode where you will be fighting other human players. With many games you need to wait endlessly until you have a certain amount of players in the lobby. In Spacecom, you can add AI-controlled bots to decrease the waiting-time which is a wonderful feature to have. Just as the Skirmish mode, the multiplayer mode also has a feature to change the maps that vary in sizes.

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Spacecom proves that less is more with its minimalistic visual design that is supposedly inspired by military technology. Surprisingly enough it works extremely well in a strategical space game with a heavy focus on multiplayer. Beside the already stunning yet minimalistic visuals, we are also spoiled with audio delivered by Maciej Miąsik who was the head of production of The Witcher. The audio in Spacecom further completes the minimalistic design of the entire game by having sound that is designed to trigger strategic thinking, allowing the player to fully immerse in the gameplay. While you may not understand much of the Russian accented gibberish that is being spoken, it will give you a clear sense of being in space and commanding several star fleets.

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If strategy games is your playground, you will absolutely love the starfleet command game. However, the learning curve can be steep if you don’t know your way around in strategy games but the game will not punish you for taking more time to successfully complete your missions. While Spacecom does has single player in the form of Missions, it is not an extensive campaign. With the many types of game modes, you will be able to enjoy Spacecom for several hours. The game is both relaxing and brain hurting, especially when playing with multiple AI’s or human players but it is rewarding to see your strategies develop over time. Thanks to the minimalistic graphics and audio design, the game allows you to fully immerse in the tactical gameplay.


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Spacecom - Preview, 10.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating

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